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Patrick William Meehan Design

Creating Change & Driving Growth

A Fractional Growth Design Service & Consultancy

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The Pitch

Creating change which adds value

I drive business change and growth for businesses by optimising and transforming their digital ventures, product or customer experiences, service models, and internal operations through a mix of design, product and innovation methods.

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The Benefits

Tactical Optimisations

The value and impact you see. It is the type of work that helps a product deliver its value. Where you focus on the what and the how. It is crafting the experience - the solutions you see. It is the ability to capture the visual and cultural dynamics of a product and its audience.


The Benefits

Strategic Transformations

The value and impact you feel. It is the type of work that helps create and enhance the value of a product. Where you focus on the why and the what. It is nurturing the path forward - the solutions you feel. It is the ability to exercise connection, care, and commitment to the longevity of the customer, the product and the business.

The Benefits

Business Growth

It's the value and impact you inherently 'know.' Experience tangible results that you can see, feel, and measure. This isn't just growth—it's progress and an evolution that justifies your investment and creates the space operationally and financially for the vision of tomorrow.


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Transport Management Product Navigation UI (B2B)
Universal Login for Logistics Platform
Transport Job Registration Modal UI (B2B)
Charges UI Modal (B2B)
Product Navigation UI (B2B)
Job Management Product UI (B2B)
Location Modal UI (B2B)
Booking UI Modal (B2B)
Document UI Modal (B2B)
Notes UI Component (B2B)
Account Summary UI Component (B2B)
Messaging Modal UI (B2B)
Booking & Payments Component UI (B2B)

Creating change that drives growth


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